Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekly Goals 9/9 -9/15

Here is last week's list.

1 ~ Do all three runs on the days I am scheduled to do them. TTS.
2 ~ Work up to a minute doing a plank. I could barely hold one for 10 seconds!   I'm not quite up to a minute yet, but I can hold one for over 30 seconds. 
3 ~ Do the ab workout on Pinterest every night. Try to work up to getting through the whole thing.  - I wasn't able to continue this workout.  I think I have a cyst in my wrist and it really starts to hurt after doing the push ups. 
4 ~ Lay off the sweet treats. One a day. -I did this...mostly...there were a couple of days that I had 2, but it was a 30 calorie Popsicle in the afternoon and another one for dessert.

Here's my new weekly goal list:

1. Drink more water.  4 bottles a day.  I'm really bad at remembering to drink my water. 
2. Stick to the Vegan Before Dinner plan. (I'm starting it tomorrow.)
3. Find and use a new ab workout every night.
4. Do all 3 runs on the days I am scheduled to do them.  (TTS)
5. Hold a plank for 1 minute.

Do you have any goals you wish to meet this week?

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  1. I love your weekly goals lists. I may try this.