Thursday, September 20, 2012

More on the Subject of Running

I feel kinda like dancing! And it would totally look like this. :)
I did it.

I even think I might have come in at my goal of 2.75 miles in 30 minutes, but silly me, I didn't look to see what my time was until after I finished my cool down.  I actually felt pretty good.  :)

I thought I would list some of the things that help me with my runs.

The Shoes:
Love them!  They help correct my over-pronation.  If you haven't been fitted properly for running shoes, I HIGHLY recommend it.

How I Track my Runs:
I have a couple of programs on my Droid that let me track runs, but I hate carrying my phone with me.  So this works great!  I love that the Nano is so small and clips any where.  I usually just hold it in my hand so I can check music, times, distance, etc.
How I Stay Hydrated:
I use this for my little shorty runs
(Mine's way cuter though, and has a pocket for keys and chapstick.)

and this for the longer ones.
I'm a mouth breather, so I definitely need water when I run. 

Here's my Play List:
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) -Kelly Clarkson  (Warm up)
Any Way You Want It / Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'-(Glee Cast Version) Yes, Glee, don't judge me.
My Life Would Suck Without You -Kelly Clarkson This is actually my "Power Song" but I have found that I haven't needed to use it lately
I Will Wait -Mumford & Sons This is a little bit slower than I like to run to, but I love the song enough that it works.
What I Like About You -Lillix
The Art of Losing -American Hi-Fi
Hungry Like The Wolf / Rio (Glee Cast Version) This one is also a little slow, but all I have to do is picture the video, cause you know, hot boys.  ;)  Watch it and see what I'm talking about.  Yes that is Neil from White Collar singing and dancing. 
Break Me Out-The Rescues
Ours -The Bravery
You Wear Flowers- Peter Breinholt This guy is local, but he is great!  Just ignore the poor Mormons trying to dance.  (Also as you can see, those rumors that Mormons don't dance just isn't true.  We try, anyway :D)

When I run, I need a strong beat.  I also tend to run on the beat so faster songs are better.  I am getting better at not doing that though.  Music is a must when I run!  Maybe when running isn't such a chore, I won't need to rely on it as much.  It just gives me something else to concentrate on and helps pass time.  

So not pictured are the 2 bras I wear...a normal underwire and a sports bra over that...a bandanna to keep my short hair from falling into my face, and polyester socks.  Don't run in cotton socks, you'll get blisters!
What are some of your must-haves when you run?  What are your favorite songs to run to?

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