Saturday, September 8, 2012

Daily Goal - Saturday

Saturday's goal was to run for 20 minutes without stopping.  I did it!!  Man-oh-man, it felt good too!  My bff Sam (From Believe in Yourself) called to see if we wanted to hang out tonight.  I said sure, but I told her that I had to go run tonight.  She and her husband ended up bringing their running stuff up to go with me.  She and my hubby went for a walk with the baby while her hubby and I ran.  For 20 minutes.  Without stopping. *GRIN*  I am also happy that I did the whole run without any pain.  (Other than the burning in my thighs, of course.)  I am so worried about shin splints.  They always seem to creep up on me and stop my from meeting my running goals.  So far so good.

Sundays Goal:  Go on a nice easy walk with the family.

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