Back at it!

Are you there? 
Did my poor little forsaken blog just jump to the top of your blog roll? 
Did ya miss me? ;)

So much has happened in a year.
Wanna see?

That's right, I had a baby!
Wanna see another picture?
You do?
I finally went to see an infertility specialist and he was able to 
diagnose me with PCOS in about 10 seconds.
With a little bit of scientific help we conceived!
K was born on March 28 of this year.

When I got pregnant I was scared that I would balloon up
so I made a goal that I wouldn't go above 200 lbs. 
(My starting weight was 170.)
In the first trimester I actually lost weight and didn't gain any back until about 18 weeks. 
My last weigh-in (the day I was induced due to mild pre-eclampsia) I weighed exactly 200 lbs.
When I was weighed at the Docs office, a week after K was born,
(I needed to check my blood pressure)
I weighed 170! 
I was able to wear my pre-pregnancy pants.  I felt pretty good about how things were going. 
I actually got down to 165, which is what I weighed in my first trimester. 
Then due to low supply I stopped breast feeding.  My weight started to climb up again. 
I'm now at 173.
So, here I start.

I would like to lose 40 lbs, but we're going to start with 20.
I learned women with PCOS tend to be insulin resistant so a low GI eating plan can be
beneficial in weight loss. 
I've been working on that, but I haven't been very good.

Also, I have started running again. 
I started the c25k program last week.  It's a bit of a slap in the face to know that a year and a half ago I could run 6 miles, but now I can barely run for 90 seconds. 
But, I guess after not working out for a year
(I didn't want to do anything that would cause me to blame myself if I miscarried)
you have to start somewhere. 
I'm okay with starting slow. 
I don't want any injuries.  Shin splints suck.

So, here we go. 
I see lots of green lights ahead. 
I have a beautiful baby girl.
I have a clean house that I love.
(A messy house was always the cause of so much stress, remember?)
I have a great support system.

Send me a note?
Let me know you're still here?
Tell your friends?

I'm back, baby!


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