Friday, October 12, 2012

6k Tomorrow

I bought my running shoes in July. 
I started the C25k program in August.
Tomorrow morning I will be running a 6k race.  My first race since December 2010.
I'm excited!  I am ready.
I'm doing a photo a day contest on Instagram.
Yesterday's theme was Goal.
This is the picture I posted. 
The race starts at 8 and is about an hour drive to get there.
I need to wake up at 6 to get ready.
I plan on eating a good dinner.
I plan on having everything ready to go tonight.
I plan on going to bed early.
I plan on drugging my self with NyQuil.
(I haven't been sleeping well lately.)
I plan on eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich an hour before the race.
I plan on being well hydrated.
I plan on being there early enough to stretch and warm up.
I plan on running the WHOLE thing.
I plan on finishing in under 37 minutes.
Wish Me Luck!!!
Do you have pre-race rituals?

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