Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday: Daily Goal + Frustrations

Today's goal was to go for a walk with my family.  We drove up to a beautiful spot called Cascade Springs and did that (shortish) hike.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I'll post pictures tomorrow.  I was a little sore from my run yesterday, but it was a good sore.

Monday's goal: Cardio and weights (again)

So I weighed myself today.  Still 175.  Still 2 pounds heavier than when I started.  I am frustrated.  I'm working out, I'm staying under 1300 calories...Ugh!  It's not just that I'm not losing weight (The scale doesn't mean everything, after all) it's that I don't seem to be losing fat.  My pants still fit the same.  They seem to be getting tighter.  A spare tire is there that wasn't there before.  The only thing that is changing in a good way is that running is getting easier.  (If that wasn't changing I would be about ready to throw in the towel and be fat for the rest of my life.  Sigh)

Something needs to change.  I will be starting the Vegan Before Dinner (VBD) again this week.  I'd start tomorrow, but then I wouldn't be able to eat anything.  I need to do some shopping first.

Here's for a better week with numbers in the right direction.

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