Friday, September 7, 2012

Feel Good Friday

Shannon over at Waits and Measure(ment)s challenged her readers to post a Feel Good Friday story and I love the idea!  (Go read her story.  It looks like she had an amazing day!

My day felt very Saturdayish because the hubs took a vacation day from work.  The plan was to head to Price for my Horseback Riding Club's State competition but we decided to save the money and just have an easy weekend at home.  I'm glad we stayed, too!  I really do have the best husband.  He woke up with K and let me sleep in (awesome!) he cleaned the kitchen, (awesomer!) and he let me take a 2 hour uninterrupted and very needed nap. (awesomest!)

I ate kinda crappy foods, but stayed within my calories.  Feel kinda bla though.  (Have you tried the Cantina Bowl at Taco Bell?  Yum!)

Today I feel good about the fact that I exercised today...I went to the fitness center and road the sit (Recumbent?) bike for a half hour, then did some weight training on my arms.  (Daily Goal, check!)  Cross training is a good thing.  A really really good thing.  I kinda forgot how good.

On a poopy note...I weighed myself yesterday and it said I gained 2 lbs.  In 3 days.  How can that be possible?!  I am going to weigh myself again on Sunday and hope it was a fluke.  A crazy, crazy, fluke.  I don't have a scale at my house.  It works better for me.

Ah well...I hope everyone had a wonderful day.  Have a great weekend!


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