Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Workout pledge

I was challenged to this by Mary @ a merry life .

1. Pledge to do 60 minutes of cardio on one day this week and leave me a comment telling me you are doing it. Mine will be continuous and that’s the goal, but if you need to break it up throughout the day do that. I will be doing my 60 minutes either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on how things in my schedule work this week.

2. If you would like to make your pledge more of an actual pledge (making it longer), write a post linking back to this one and let people comment on your post for extra time. Start with the 60 minutes then let people add a certain amount of time for each comment they leave you. Once you’ve got your time set, come back here and leave a comment telling us how long you will go!

I pledge to do 60 minutes of cardio + 1 minute for each comment given on Friday. If you become a follower and let me know, I will add 5 minutes!

I will also post my sweaty pics here too!


  1. Watch out, girl! Mary's little challenges got me started riding that bike in the basement ... and NOW I'm planning on doing 20 miles on it!!! She's been known to create monsters ;-)
    I love her for it!

  2. You have the Sunshine Award on my blog come get it!