Monday, May 24, 2010

How not to hurt your grandma's feelings.

You Lie
Let me explain...

Yesterday we went to visit Russell's Grandma. The minute we walked into her house I knew I was in trouble. It was only 2:00 and the smell of roast beef permeated the air. Now, passing on the roast beef wouldn't have been too bad but as you might know, my daily goal for yesterday was no starchy white foods. The first thing that is passed to me is a big ol' bowl of (fake) mashed potatoes. They were very starchy and not vegan; I passed them right to Russell. Then I was passed the bowl of gravy...that I passed right to Russell. Then came the roast beef. I looked at it longingly and passed it right to Russell. Right in front of me was a bowl of cooked baby carrots. I can eat cooked carrots but why would I want to? I mean ick ick ick! There was a salad which I piled onto my plate and covered it with tomatoes. Grandma says, you don't want any food? Now I could have said, 'I can't eat any of this lovely food that you made for us because I am on this really weird diet and I promised myself that I wouldn't eat any starches.' Instead I said, 'I'm not really hungry cause I had a big lunch.' Not exactly a lie, I'd had a veggie sandwich earlier, but I could have eaten. Then I was offered a slice of white bread, then a hard boiled egg.....Then a slice of pecan pie. I feel so bad! Grandma only lives to serve us, and loves it when we eat at her house. In my defense, I had no idea she was serving linner. (That's lunch and dinner put together. Clever right?)


  1. It's so hard not being able to eat what someone's prepared and not have feelings hurt. This past Thanksgiving with the sorta-in-laws was tough since my son and I are both gluten-free. I literally took everything that we would be eating because I couldn't even trust the turkey. LOTS of funny looks and questions!