Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daily goal - Tuesday

Well, I made it to the gym before noon...So I think it counts! :) I am very excited about this because I achieved two milestones. I finished a 5k in 40:01 (my best time ever) and I ran 1 mile in 10:44...my best mile time since 7th grade! I feel amazing because I know that it will only get better from here. :)

Tomorrow's Goal: I have gotta get my house clean! I'm posting pictures right now so it will embarrass me into actually doing it.




face palm....


Now you've seen it...I hate feeling like such a slob!
I know I'll feel so much better after my house is clean again.


  1. LOL I have seen much worse...Good luck Sweetie!

  2. Not that bad, but I feel ya. I'm feeling like that too. I just need to straighten up.

  3. Hello!! I'm a new follower and love you blog. Stop by my blog...I gave you an award. :)


  4. Okay, you are never invited to my house, you would code right there.

  5. Oooh, I hate cleaning house. Dishes, I don't mind. Those are... well, useful, right? But everything else? I left it there for a reason! Easy access!

    I think you've been a great inspiration, and I've loved reading your blog. I'm giving you one of those web award things, and you can pick it up at my blog. :)