Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Awards and awards!

Sam @ Believe in yourself AND Lily Fluffbottom gave me this award! I'm so flattered! Here are the rules: give it to 7 people, and tell you 7 things about me you didn't know.

So here we go!
1. Music is my life! I've played the piano for 20 years, sung in more choirs than I can count, I was a percussionist in High School, I have recently learned to play the guitar, flute and viola.
I teach piano lessons to neighborhood chillins and it would take 36 days to listen to all the music on my iPod. I love finding obscure music. My album of the moment is Who Killed Amanda Palmer. My favorite band is Muse and I got to their concert a month ago. It was AMAZING!

2. I am a member of Bells on Temple Square. (An English Handbell Choir)
We play regularly with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir including their amazing Christmas Concerts. I will actually be on Music and the Spoken Word tomorrow morning. You can watch it on KSL or BYUTV at 9:30 MDT. Woo Hoo!

3. I have a horse named Sid. I ride him in a western riding club that practices once a week and competes 3 times a year in your typical rodeo events. The video is a short one of me riding bareback.

4. I love to hike and camp! Russ and I try to go a couple times a year. One reason I love living in Utah is all the amazingly beautiful places that are right in my backyard.

5. I go fly fishing as often as I can. Catch and Release only!

6. I am an AVID reader. When I can't sit down to read I listen to audiobooks. My favorite genre in SciFi/Fantasy but I'll read anything.
I know it's cliche but I think Harry Potter will always be my favorite.

7. I have a level 80 Troll Hunter on World of Warcraft. I'm pretty geared too!

Now here are the 7 blogs that get this award!

Lesia @ Here We Go, Hold on Tight gave me this happy award! The rules for this one are a little bit easier, I only have to pick 12 recipients!


  1. Thank you! You are so sweet! I always appreciate being recognized on others' blogs. I hope the performance goes (went?) well!

    *whispering* I got this award before here: SUNSHINE AWARD. But I've updated it to include you!

  2. Hey that is me... really? Thank you ... Leisa gave me two last week... was I suppose to post something with them..?? I am a learning blogger... I post them

    Thank you...


  3. I'm a big Harry Potter fan too! :)