Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daily goal - Tuesday...well sort of.

Severe whining ahead

Ugh. I'm stressed. I feel like I'm being pulled in a dozen different directions right now. And that is stupid because I don't even have a job. Well, not a "real" job. (That is causing me stress too) We're trying to sell our house, and it's not selling. It's not even showing! I thought the 1st time home buyer tax credit was supposed to get the market moving, maybe it did, but now it's dead. No one has even looked at the house since the end of April. I have this paperwork that I need to get filled out so our house can hopefully sell faster, but I can't make myself do it. Every time I start I get hung up on a question so I stop. Stress. This Friday is my Bells On Temple Square Concert. It's going to be great and I'm really looking forward to it, but there are extra rehearsals and fittings this week that have me pulling my hair out, plus there is one song that gives me an anxiety attack every time. Stress. I'm the secretary of our horseback riding club and there is a lot of busy work that needs to get done. Not much, but it's just one more thing that HAS to get done and that causes STRESS. I'm doing some work for my aunt. I'm entering things into the computer and I hate it. I don't know how people do data entry everyday. If you I know it needs to get done but because I don't want to, it doesn't. (I'm getting paid for it, so it should be one the top of my list, right?) The car needs to go in. Russell has left that up to me. I don't want to take it in. I get nervous just thinking about it. That is one instance where I will admit I am a total girl. Boys should do the car stuff. Even if it is just taking it to the mechanic. Plus, it is going to cost money. :( The house is getting cluttered again. I hate it. I need to clean it. I have lots of time to clean it. Do I? Of course not. There's more, but I'm not going to talk about that.

I know that if I did these things on my list, my stress would go away..(Well, mostly.) Instead I shut down and do nothing. I stay in bed all day watching TV, surfing the net, reading everyone's blogs (over and over and over). I hate that I sabotage myself. I finely get a handle on one part of my life (the fitness and the eating) and everything else goes in the toilet. Then things get so scrunched up that I sabotage my weight loss as well.

So, yeah, my daily didn't happen. I didn't leave my bed until I had to get ready for rehearsal. I blew off friends and family. I didn't answer the phone. (I'm am so sorry, btw, you know who you are.)

Something has to change, and it has to change now. Today. Starting with Zumba. All of my paperwork will get done today. I'm going to check in every time I finish something on the list. I know that I will feel better when it's all done.

You know, weight loss is about so much more then just eating right and exercising. It's about learning about who you are and who you want to be. Sure I want to be a skinny little hottie, but I also want to be a good wife, housekeeper, daughter, sister, employee, and friend. There are a lot of steps I need to take to get there, but I'll never get to the top if I don't take that first step.

So here's the "To-Do" List.
  • House Paperwork
  • Horse Paperwork
  • At least call the mechanic about the car
  • Pay bills
  • Laundry (it's been on the list a lot, I know, I just hate it so much!)
  • Kitchen
  • Weeds
I think these are the things that if I can just get them out of the way, I will be in a much better place.

Today's Goal?....Yep. The list. Wish me luck.

PS I have my vlog from the top of Salt Lake Overlook. I will get that posted today, thanks for voting!

PPS I also have a giveaway! I will also post that later today.

PPPS If I don't hurry, I am going to miss my Zumba class. Again.

PPPPS I love you all. Thank you so much for your comments and support! (And letting me whine.)


  1. You can do it girl!! I know you are a very determined person. I mean heck, you are probably the most stubborn person I know! So get stubborn and get them done. Go Ana go!!

  2. I hate the whole STRESS thing. I am the queen of STRESS! I see your stresses accomplish-able though. Unlike my stress that I can not control. You go get er done Ana!

  3. I say don't worry about the items you didn't get through and be joyful for those that you did get done. Each item is a weight off your shoulders and soon you'll want to get everything done so you feel good.

    I work on a computer all day at work, sometimes it's hard on the eyes and gives me a headache but I couldn't imagine a job where I didn't work on a computer. LOL.

  4. You just got to keep going. Just find your groove that works for getting things done and do it. I'm excited to see the vlog!

  5. Whine away! If you can't whine here, where can you?

    Also, now I want wine. :)

    In the midst of all of the things that truly are stressing you out and pulling you in lots of directions, try to be good and gentle to yourself.

    The stress level (at least for me) is my warning to start being good to myself NOW or else I'll pay for it by overeating later. And maybe you don't "pay" for it that way...maybe you get sick, maybe you sleep more, or maybe you throw rocks at windows.

    My point is, take care of yourself now so it won't build up bigger than now.

    After all, you deserve it. :)

  6. You can do it! You can do it!! You don't need to have a "regular job" to have lots of stress and a lot of things to accomplished. I don't know if I have ever been more busy.

  7. Big huge squishy hugs!!! We're always willing to listen to a good whine ... whenever you need to do it! Sometimes that's the first and biggest step in getting over it is getting it out there. You can't go over a hurdle you can't look at, after all, right?

  8. I wanna whine with you. :) *hugs* You're amazing, you really do inspire me and I love reading your blog EVERY time I read it.