Monday, June 7, 2010

Daily Goal - Monday

w00t! I kicked booty today! There are many things I would like to thank for my success:

1. The Sun. I have decided that I am a solar panel. It makes me happy and gives me energy.
2. Water. You are so cool and refreshing. You keep me hydrated and you cool me down.
3. My running skirt. You make me feel cute and sporty. And you don't bunch like my shorts do.
4. Ibuprofin. You keep me from hurting. I like not hurting.
5. Jog Tracker. You tell me how far I've gone and how fast. I don't even have to worry about it!

Anyway, I knocked 2 minutes off my time for a total of 37:23. The runnin' just clicked today. My breathing was good, my energy was high, and I only walked .5 miles out of the 3.1. Yay!

I think a couple of weeks ago I said I got my best 5k time ever, which was 43 minutes. Anyway, I started thinking that couldn't be right. I checked my time for the 5k I ran last July in Park City, and my time was 33:51! 33:51!! I can totally beat that though. Just give me 3 weeks. It took me 6 months to get to that time last year and only 3 weeks to get my 37 minutes this year.

Ah well, I blabber.

Tomorrow's Goal: Swim Laps. And buy some real running shoes.

My massage was most excellent, BTW, and my toes are all purdy!


  1. Awesome job on your running time. Also, I think it's funny that you wrote about the Ibuprofen. lol

  2. I too have those thankfulls. Other than the last one. Yippie that you improved your

  3. I agree that all those things are wonderful. I must find a running skirt. :)

  4. The sun makes such a HUGE difference, doesn't it? So much easier to do things and to be happy about doing those things!

    Congrats on shaving down your time! :)