Monday, August 20, 2012

They Say That Waking Up is Hard to Do...

I've started pretty slow with this whole workout-weight loss thing.  My only goal right now is to stay on track with the C25K program.  (I'm on workout 1 of week 3, thank you!)  Keeping up with it only requires 3 days a week.  Totally do-able.  However, the easiest time for me to run is in the morning, but by the time I have passed the "I'm so tired, how will I live through today" stage, it's already pretty hot outside.  Now, I'm not really making excuses, but, I do have an almost 5 month old who, though she sleeps really really well, wakes me up about 3 times a night.  It is amazing how much those small interruptions can mess up your sleep cycle.  So yeah, morning rolls around and I am tired!  I make excuses..but I know (especially on Wednesdays) that if I don't get that run in, it's not going to happen that day and then everything is screwed up.  Everything, I tell you!  I've gone to our little fitness center and run on the treadmill twice, but I don't love that because I have to put K on the floor with a blanket and she tends to fuss after about 20 minutes, (How lucky am I to get those 20 minutes though?) and I hate the treadmill.  I love running outside and K does great in the jogging stroller.  So I really just have to suck it up, wake up, and put on those running clothes.  Good thing it's going to start cooling down pretty soon.  Only 5 more weeks to go!

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  1. You are doing awesome - keep it up!! Maybe you could just sleep in your running clothes? ;)