Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I love green chiles.  I mean, really LOVE them.  This (SO not diet food) is one of my favorite potluck/appetizers to bring to parties.  It's such a crowd pleaser.  My husband makes cornbread using green chilies and Franks Buffalo sauce.  Yum!  I found a chile rellano casserole on Pinterest that uses 4 cans of green chiles and that was yummy too.
 Recently I have started mixing a spoonful into my scrambled eggs.  I've also mixed them into plain pasta shells with a little bit of melted cheese (Fake mac and cheese).  It's a great way to add lots and lots of flavor with no guilt.

On another note, I got my run in today.  I am really liking the C25K program.  It pushes me without pushing me too hard.  So far I've had no injuries and minimal soreness.  I was planning on running outside with the jogging stroller, but when I came downstairs it was gone.  :(  Russ's cousin had been so generous to let us borrow it, but they aren't done with it yet and needed it back.  My brother has one that he is done with that I can use, so I just need to go get it.  I may end up just getting my own.  K and I went to the fitness center and I ran on the boring treadmill while she chilled in her carseat in front of the mirror.

Here's a recipe that I have made a few times in the last year.  (Have you figured out that Our Best Bites is my favorite recipe blog yet?  Cause it is!)  Cabbage is so good for you and you can add lots of yummy vegetables to really make it your own.  

Have a great Wednesday!

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